How to apply for a payday loan?

You have projects to implement, but do not have enough money to finance them? Apply for a payday loan This is a personal credit formula that gives you access to funds that you can spend freely, and in return, you will have to repay monthly payments with fixed interest. But how can we ensure that the demand for a payday loan matches the expectations of Belgian banks and credit institutions?

Prepare for a payday loan application

Prepare for a payday loan application

To successfully apply for a payday loan, start by asking your banker to advise you, because he is the most knowledgeable person about your expenses, your current credits and the amount you have left to support the repayment of a new loan. 

With this information, it will be easier for you to use our payday loan comparator by specifying exactly how much you would like to borrow and how long you will be able to pay each month. This is a simulation to calculate the impact of this loan on your budget, while the results will allow you to compare the many offers of our partner credit institutions and choose only the proposal that seems most advantageous, referring to the annual percentage rate of charge, the amount of a monthly payment and the total cost of interest.

Once you are convinced by one of the proposals, you will be directly redirected to the homepage of the provider of your choice and you will be able to complete the forms for the constitution of your payday loan application file online.

Other ways to apply for a payday loan

Other ways to apply for a payday loan

In addition to the online approach, there are more traditional procedures for applying for a payday loan. Indeed, you can always come to an agency and follow the necessary steps for a personal credit application by filling out the forms with their printed version. Also note that it is possible to make a phone call to find out about the payday loan offers offered by Belgian financial institutions and then send a loan request by e-mail or mail. You will understand, there are different ways to proceed to send a request for payday loan and you can choose according to your habits and the way that seems most reassuring.

If your banker can no longer offer you a financing solution for your personal projects, you can always send your payday loan application to loan officers working for a single lender. There are also credit brokers who will study your case and offer you offers from several lenders.

Finally, stores work in partnership with financial organizations to offer you a payday loan to finance the purchase of a service or a material good. To better approach you, these agencies and other credit intermediaries are available on the internet, but you will always have the opportunity to come in person in their agency to conclude the payday loan agreement.

Payday loan application: the steps to follow

Payday loan application: the steps to follow

The first thing to do before applying for a payday loan is to compare the offers of Belgian credit institutions on Our site is available free of charge to give you an overview of the interest rates applied by the suppliers in payday loan, and this, according to the amount that you wish borrower and the duration of repayment of the credit.

The results of the simulation will inform you on the name of the loan proposed by each credit institution, the APR or the annual percentage rate of charge, the monthly payments and the total interest. So these are fact sheets that help you compare the lenders’ proposals and their terms before making your decision. This is all the more important because the lenders are still competing and you can take the opportunity to negotiate and find a better offer of payday loan before sending your application.

And to make sure that this application for payday loan is really the approach that suits you to finance your project, do not hesitate to ask you about your real financial needs, the short and medium term impacts of the repayments on the budget. Household.

If you can answer these questions, you will have to be realistic and only ask for the necessary amount and thus reduce the costs generated by this credit. Finally, do not hesitate to inform yourself about the experiences of your loved ones regarding the repayment of a loan, the possibilities of payment modulation and the penalties of a prepayment before triggering the process with the sending of a request payday loan.

Finally, once you have chosen the organization from which you wish to borrow, you can apply for your personal credit online.

Take the case of yoabank, the favorite organization of our visitors, to apply for a payday loan on their website, you must indicate the amount you want to borrow and the term you are interested in and click on “request this credit”, take advantage of this to verify that the data of the organization correspond to those provided by our tool (it may be that the rates have changed since our last update).