Is Loan and Credit reliable and safe?

The national company Loan and Credit has 12 years in the market and works as an intermediary between banks and financiers. It offers from payroll loans to other types of credit for small entrepreneurs.

The payroll-deductible loan is made online for INSS retirees and pensioners, civil servants from any sphere (municipal, state or federal) and military. The modalities offered to entrepreneurs and freelancers are personal loan options and working capital credit, and even if they are not the same values ​​and rates as a payroll loan, they are also very advantageous.

How does Loan and Credit work?

How does Loan and Credit work?

Just the customer access the site and choose the loan mode that best fits your profile. You can do credit simulations, portability or refinance a payroll loan from the site.

The payroll-deductible loan entered into by Loan and Credit has a repayment period ranging from 18 to 96 months, depending on the agreement made with the bank or the financial institution chosen.

Is Loan and Credit a reliable company?


The company belongs to the MCA Serviços group and is a banking correspondent regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil for over five years. On the site, you can find digital certificates, which ensures that your data will be encrypted before being sent, preventing access or theft.

The company also states that it does not request any type of bank deposit or advance fee from any customer and that its operations are done entirely online. This endorses that any payments made will fall directly to the banks or financiers of which Loan and Credit is an intermediary, without any mediation by the company in the debt collection or payment processes.

On the Complain Here website, the company ratings are not so good. With a service rate of just over 90% of complaints, but only 30% of complainants would return to do business with the brand.

Is an online loan reliable?

Is an online loan reliable?

Yes! Online lending is growing more and more in Brazil. The sport is already well accepted in the United States and some European countries.

Online lending has two good advantages:

– You don’t have to travel to get the money;

– The costs of the operation are much lower than those of loans made in financial stores. The trend of online loans is precisely a lower interest rate.

There are also other companies competing in Loan and that operate in this field. Simplic offers credit of up to $ 3,500 with fast and flexible approval, but with higher interest rates compared to competitors of the same credit format.