Top 3 Off-Road Tours in Thailand

When you take a trip far from home, you want to see everything there is. When you’re somewhere as rich and cultured as Thailand, that might not all fit in the urban areas.

Off-roading is an excellent way to get the adrenaline pumping and to see the local wildlife. Getting an off-road tour is even better because you won’t have to worry about where the best place to go is.

The guides do all the work. All you have to do is gun the throttle. Now, to get fit and ready for a rough off-road trip, find out more at

#1 – The Koh Samui Jeep Jungle Tour

This jeep tour is an all-day adventure of epic proportions. So clear your schedule and strap in. You’ll travel past waterfalls, trundle up the side of a mountain, and stop at the restaurant at the top to take in the great views and taste some traditional Thai before making your way back to the wild to your hotel.

This tour is the most recommended not only because of the sheer amount of wilderness you’ll get to see but also because of the many finer details that are hidden in the fine print. The pickup time is 9 am, which won’t be much of strain at all and is better than most off-road tours, and the price won’t run you dry at all at a modest $80/person.

#2 – ATV Jungle Adventure from Chiang Mai

If the all-day itinerary of the Koh Samui Tour makes you balk, consider this lighter alternative, as the Chiang Mai tour only runs for half a day.

You’ll choose whether or not to drive your quad bike or to be a passenger and let one of the expert guides take the wheel. After practicing your driving skills, you’ll follow a guide to power through lush forests and around the Huay Tung Tao Lake. Making your way down a verdant woodland path, you’ll splash along a river and down some more muddy roads before taking a short hop over a mountain and returning to your hotel by midday.

Although the price is around $15 more than the Koh Samui $95, this option might be better for those who don’t want to spend their entire day off-roading. Pickup time is 8:30 am.

#3 – ATV Quad Safari on Koh Samui

We return to the island of Koh Samui, but instead of climbing into a jeep, you’ll be mounting your ATV for this one- or two-hour adventure around the lush landscape.

Advanced and beginner riders alike are invited to explore the island with the help of a guide. Secret trails will give you a new perspective, and a choice between morning and afternoon departure will mean that the lighting and animals will always be different. The one-hour adventure takes you through the jungle, over a river, and past bursting coconut groves, and the two-hour adventure takes you even further into the forest to find a secret waterfall. Even if it rains, you won’t want to stop!

This one is the shortest of the three, so if you’re looking for something to fit in between activities, this is it. The price is the same as the first Koh Samui tour at $80, so the only thing that should make your decision for you is the time you want to spend in the wild. Pick-up is either 10 am or 2 pm.

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